Over the years, a small town of Novigrad that used to be a quiet fishing village, has become an attractive destination for tourists from all over Europe and the world. Many of them, delighted with the town, return to it again and again.

Although becoming a very popular holiday destination, Novigrad has preserved the irresistible charm of a quite fishing town, as well as a distinctive, almost intimate, atmosphere typical of small Mediterranean towns.

The town’s fortification, the stone walls dating back to the 13th century are the most precious jewel from the rich treasury of the Novigrad’s historical heritage. They seem as though they have embraced all that makes Novigrad a pleasant place for an unforgettable holiday, protecting the “soul” of this quiet coastal town for centuries…

The town walls have preserved the rich history of the town, its valuable cultural heritage, traditions and culture, its rich gastronomy, as well as the kindness and hospitality of its people, the hardworking hosts who always knew how to welcome their guests and help them experience all the beauties of Novigrad with all their senses.

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